The Forum of European Journalism Students organises several different events in different cities all over Europe.  All filled with workshops, lectures, meetings and of course parties !

Annual Congress

The Annual Congress is the main event of the Forum for European Journalism Students. It takes place every year in spring (usually April/May) in a different European city and is based around a specific topic. Around 100 journalism students and young journalists from all over Europe are attending this event to participate in workshops, lectures and discussions. A unique chance to improve your jornalistic skills and to meet lot of new fellows from different countries.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is with around 50 participants the second largest event of the Forum for European Journalism Students. It takes place every year in autumn in a different European city.  The main goal of the General Assembly is to discuss internal issues of the organisation and it’s future,  to prepare upcoming events and to elect the main bodies (Secretariat, Executive Board).

Labs & Task Force Meetings

From  time to time Forum for European Journalism Students organises also smaller Events with usually 10-20 participants like Labs and Task Force Meetings. Labs  focus on practical journalistic work  (TV Labs, Photojournalism Lab, etc.) while Task Force Meetings are usually organised by the Executive Board and are dedicated to a specific topic concerning the organisation.

Event List

All former FEJS Events are listed below (click to expand), or use the interactive map to get an overview of all our events.

Annual Congresses

1986 Laage Vuursche, The Netherlands

1987 Porto, Portugal

1988 Vienna, Austria

1989 Tampere, Finland

1990 Nantes, France

1991 Leningrad, Former USSR

1992 Athens, Greece

1993 Zwolle, The Netherlands

1994 Prague, Czech Republic

1995 Ankara, Turkey

1996 Athens, Greece

1997 Braga, Portugal

1998 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

1999 Antwerpen, Belgium

2000 Santiago/Lisboa, Spain/Portugal

2001 Dubrovnik, Croatia

2002 Helsinki, Finland

2003 Ljubljana/Sarajevo, Slovenia/BiH

2004 Tilburg, The Netherlands

2005 Antalya, Turkey

2006 Athens, Greece (Ethic in Journalism)

2007 Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Media & Minorities)

2008 Zagreb, Croatia (Freelance Journalism)

2009 Lincoln, UK (Bimedia)

2010 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Global Journalism)

2011 Matera, Italy (Press Freedom)

2012 Vienna, Austria (European Crisis)

2013 Utrecht, Netherlands (Imagine Europe)

2014 Cologne, Germany (Future of Journalism)

2015 Athens, Greece (Stereotypes, Media Exclusion and Far-right Rhetoric in European Media)