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We are happy to invite you to the FEJS Annual Congress 2020 that will take place in Ljubljana Slovenia from April 16th to 21st.


If you’ve never been to Slovenia, firstly, let us show you why you won’t regret attending AC Ljubljana 2020:

Ljubljana(population 293,000) is one of the smallest European capitals. However, it is a vibrant city and Slovenia’s cultural hub, also known for great food (one of Europe’s top new culinary destinations). 50,000 students at the University of Ljubljana give it its youthful appeal and we are especially proud to be seen as a city with a green soul. And a green mascot! Yes, there is a rumor that Ljubljana’s own green dragon still sleeps in the dungeons of Ljubljana’s castle. Participants will find out more about the dragon and other city’s legends on the first day of the congress, when we will take them “Ljubljana-seeing”.

Welcome to Ljubljana:!TOPIC
Creating dialogue in the media.

With the migrant crisis throughout Europe (in Slovenia as well) a rise of right-wing nationalism has started and the response to the rise of support for these radical right-wing parties resulted in the radicalisation of the left-wing parties ( European societies are divided between two opposing ideologies that cause disputes among politicians and people.

We believe that, especially in such times, it is very important for young journalists to consider their role in presenting and confronting different (sometimes radical) political and other ideas. How to be objective yet sensible and opinionated? Should a journalist even have one’s own opinion in the matter of politics or is it necessary for one to have it in order to be a good journalist? During television and radio confrontations, should a journalist strive to make the conflict between different opinions even greater, so the ratings would be higher or should a journalist be the mediator who strives to achieve compromises and find common ground? How should a journalist prepare properly for a tv or radio confrontation of opposing (radical) figures/ideas? What are the techniques and hacks? Those are the questions we will be posing at the FEJS AC Ljubljana 2020 and experienced Slovenian journalists, media experts and mediators will help us answer them.


Participants will be given detailed programmes upon arrival at the hostel. The arrival day is Thursday, this is when participants will find out more about Ljubljana and its legends on the sight-seeing tour and will be treated to a traditional Slovenian dinner.


The lectures will start on Friday when we will also see a projection of a movie, related to the topic, followed by a discussion. After dinner, there will be karaoke. The lectures and workshops will continue on Saturday. In the evening there will be a pub crawl.

On Sunday there will be an option to go on a trip to see Postojna Cave ( and Bled ( We made a big effort to plan a really nice trip for the participants to see the most beautiful places of Slovenia, however, there are some entrance fees we unfortunately cannot cover from the participation fee. So all the participants who decide to join us on the trip will be asked to pay 15-20 euros extra.And in the evening the famous FEJS auction will take place.

Monday will be the last day, participants will be able to finish their workshop projects and present them.


The event will take place between April 16th and April 21st.

Deadline to register is February 28th.

The participation fee for the event is 150 euros, which covers food, accommodation and all the activities in the program (except the trip on Sunday). Your travel expenses will not be covered by this fee.
Once your participation has been accepted, you will have to pay a deposit of 80 eurosinto the official FEJS bank account until March 13th. You will be provided with the bank account details upon notification of acceptance.

If you have to cancel for any reason, please do so by March 20th !!!!!! A
nd your 80 euros will be refunded. If you decide to cancel after March 20th we will unfortunately not be able to refund your deposit.
The remaining 70 eurosshould be paid upon arrival.

Please apply here:


You can also apply for the solidarity fund, which can cover up to70% of your travel expenses. The money for the fund is gathered at our events through the auctioning of presents brought by each country delegation. At every event, we host an auction, in which together we raise money to help our own members attend events. We will conduct the auction again at the AC, so don’t forget to bring your country delegation presents. The deadline for applying for the solidarity fund is March 15th. If you apply later, your application will be ignored.

Please apply here:



If you have any questions regarding the event, location or travels, do not hesitate to contact Ajda Kus ( or Eva Peserl ( from the Organizing Committee of FEJS AC Ljubljana 2020.

If you have any questions regarding payment, the solidarity fund, your application or participation, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of FEJS International at or Head of the secretariat Emma Dillen at

If you have any general questions about FEJS do not hesitate to contact the Executive Board of FEJS International at

Kind Regards,
Organizing Committee AC Ljubljana 2020

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