Welcome VETERANS to the 30th anniversary celebration of FEJS in Riga!

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Dear Veterans,

as you probably know the upcoming GA is going to take place in Riga from 22nd to 26th of September.

As it is the 30th anniversary of FEJS the EB, OC and Sec hereby invites you to also come to Latvia. We’re going to celebrate the anniversary with a special celebration dinner on Saturday 24th and we would like to have some of you guys being part of it. The idea is to make it possible for the FEJS family to network, exchange expiriences and of course to drive on the good old tradition of crazy FEJS parties together. You can join us for the dinner only, for the weekend or take part of other parts of the programme as well.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to fund any of your expenses but at least we can offer to try to negotiate a good price in a hotel close to ours, if enough people are interested.

So, if anyone’s interested just send a message to: severin.rosenberger@sandrats.at

Deadline of your “application” would be 7th of August.


We’d really love to see you guys in Latvia soon!

Executive Boad of FEJS International

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