9 reasons to attend a FEJS event

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1. You will meet a lot of new people from many different countries, who surely becomes your friends.

2. Each congress takes place in a different country, so you will see many parts of Europe.

3. You will learn a lot! There is a great offer of workshops and lectures.

4. It is an exchange between experienced professionals and students seeking to improve journalism.

5. Each congress is covering new topics, so you can get new information each time.

6. You expand your network, which can only be positive for your career.

7. FEJS is a beautiful example of solidarity. The organization want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this project.

8. Participants in FEJS should not worry about, for example, a place to sleep. It is all arranged and prepared.

9. Last but not least, you will not only have a busy program, you will also make a lot of great memories, connections and have an amazing experience!
Ine Van Cauter

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