Applications for Annual Congress in Torino are now open!

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Making Media and Innovative Journalism


The Forum for European Journalism Students together with the “Associazione Allievi del Master in Giornalismo ‘Giorgio Bocca” kindly invite you to the 2016 Annual Congress (AC) in Turin​, Italy, which will take place from 14th to 19th of April​.


The aim of the chosen topic “Making Media and Innovative Journalism” is to explore new tools and ways to report news in the “Digital Era”. Social networks and the “world wide web” have been changing the instruments that journalists can count on together with the behavior of people who read or listen to the news. Thus, current journalists must provide high quality reports and inquiries that are “engaging” and economically sustainable.

Lectures and workshops will focus on best practices, formulas and technologies useful to improve both the quality and economic sustainability in producing editorial projects and journalistic reporting.

Among the main subjects: data­journalism and infographics — Whatsapp, Snapchat, Periscope and those strange tools called “metrics” — User Experience: why it is important to build a good online news platform for mobiles, tablets and other devices —Privacy and Cryptography – useful tips to protect your sources and data, if you want to build an inquiry. Apply and find much more!



We are happy to host all applicants in Turin, one of the most beautiful, historical cities in northern Italy, which was included in the 2016 New York Times list of “must visit” places. Lectures and workshops will take place at the University Campus “Luigi Einaudi”, close to the city center and well known for its futuristic architecture by Norman Foster and Partners. Participants will stay in the Open 011 Hostel, easily reachable by train and bus from/to the airport and located in an unique neighborhood, which has undergone many transformations in the last couple of years. During the Congress you will have the chance to visit the new Egyptian Museum, La Stampa newsroom (one of the biggest newspapers in Italy) and take a historical tour around the “old city”.


Application Procedure

The application procedure is now open and the deadline ​to ​apply is February 10​th​, 2016​. A hundred participants will be accepted to the AC 2016. If there are more than three applications from a single country’s school, the Secretariat with the supervision of the Executive Board will decide who will have the priority to participate. The main criterion will be the date of the application and the number of previously visited events.

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by February 14th 2016.

The participation fee is €130, €80 of which must be given as a deposit by February 28th 2016. Every participant has to pay for his or her travel expenses. The participation fee does not cover your transport to or from Turin.

Apply ​on this link.



If you have financial difficulties, you may apply for financial support from the Solidarity Fund (SF). The FEJS Solidarity Fund can cover up to 70% of travel expenses but cannot exceed 200€ in total. We encourage you to find the cheapest possible way to travel. The Secretariat will double check your proposed budget.

The Solidarity Fund Application deadline is March 14th 2016. Selected applicants will be informed, if they have been granted funding by March 15th 2016. Please note that you will be asked to provide receipts of travel to receive the SF and that it will be given out on the final day of the congress.

Apply ​on this link.

For deposit refunds, cancelations must be made by March 7th 2016.


Contact Details

For further information on the Application Procedure, the Secretariat​ can be contacted at

For further information on FEJS International, the Executive Board ​can be contacted at

For further information on the Annual Congress, the Organizing Committee of FEJS Italy​ can be contacted at

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