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Dear all!

The Secretariat and the Executive Board would like to present you the new form each yearly General Assembly (GA) will follow from this year on. The change of format is based on the voting we had on the GA in Vaasa, November 2014, on which the collected assembly decided to transform a yearly GA from an assembly, which includes votings, discussions, an occasional workshop/lecture and not much more, to an assembly which is more project oriented.

So, each year we will pick a theme/topic, which will be the base for our GA. We will pick a theme in collaboration with the GA’s organisation committee and suggestions from you the FEJS network (see below). With the EB’s guidance the theme will be researched and analysed before the event by all accepted participants, so we have all the information we need to start working on our project as soon as we get to the GA location. The theme will be researched from your nation’s perspective.

This means, if you come from Italy and our chosen theme is youth unemployment, you will check all the facts necessary for an overview on youth unemployment in Italy – how many people are unemployed, how well are they educated, where do they live, is the black market active, what is the average income for those who are employed, etc. The EB will help you with main points to have in mind, main questions to answer and connect you with your fellow citizens.

At the GA we will of course perform all the necessary votings, discuss the main points an assembly must discuss. Remaining time will be designated to transforming our information, research outcomes into our project a unique web platform, which presents a specific and current society issue/phenomena in a comprehensive manner from a European perspective. The platform will contain all information, views and policies needed to have a good overview of the issue’s specifics in Europe and individual European countries.

GA in Porto call for topics!

As you know, our next GA is being organised in Porto, by our lovely Portuguese team. As it will happen in October, we are sending out a call for topics! Together with the organisation team we will choose one topic, which will be most appropriate and manageable for our first project.

So please, send out any of your ideas, suggestions for the project in Porto topic to until the end of July 15th.

P.S. To get a good understanding what we want to achieve regarding the style, not the topic, check out the project “Snowfall” from The New York Times. (Which won a Pulitzer Prize!)

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