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Are you interested in investigative journalism? The topic is alive, maybe more than ever through the cases of the recent Whistleblowing, which have a huge public interest. Find below some useful data you might missed.

In general there are three trends in investigative journalism nowadays

– Data journalism
– Crow djournalism
– Leak journalism

Find below some of the available examples.


Major investigations:

  • Lobbyings Hidden Influence
  • Covert Drone War
  • Deaths in Police Custody
  • UK Housing crisis (2013)


ProPublica – Journalism in the public interest

Major investigations:

  • Guns Control in the USA
  • NSA/Snowden Files
  • The Deadly Choices at Memorial

Brown Moses blog:

Eliot Higgins, 2012

  • Crowdfunding through IndieGogo (2013)
  • Topic: Accurate fact-checking of weapons used in Syria and elsewhere


  • First publication of First Look Media, Feb. 2014
  • Focus on investigations over Showden’s files


The Associated Whistleblowing Press Iceland International, Spain (2004)


Case Study:


  • First Dutch Whistleblowing (WB) Platform
  • Multi-stakeholder WB model
  • 42 Partners involved
  • PubLeaks foundation > Accountability
  • Training for journalists
  • Regulation
  • Globaleaks open source technology
  • Stress on sources decision

Case Study:

Briefkasten – Die Zeit

  • Launched 2012
  • Open source platform
  • Interesting case of “in house” wb platform
  • Strong accountability
  • Team of prof. Journalists

Update: 15:00

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Update: 06.05.2014

You are working already as a professional journalist and want to pitch your idea about an investigative story, but your chief editor is not very happy with it, as it takes time and money to make the story real? Maybe the Journalism Fund is an option.

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