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You wanna move from a short or long term to another country to see your skills in practice? 
You want to discuss at conferences or edit a piece in a workshop, or you are looking for
general scholarships and grants?

Find some links to journalism and media internships, placements and conferences:
Welcome to the Placement Slovakia programme website. We specialise in arranging international internships across Slovakia for university students, graduates and young professionals from countries within the European Union. If you fit the description and are interested in job opportunities abroad, this is the place for you! Improve the skills you gained during university with this working abroad programme! We will find you a placement to match your skills and competencies and we will track your progress. Moreover, our service is completely free for applicants.
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) invites foreign citizens who are interested in studying for a specialization, master’s degree or doctorate, conducting graduate or postdoctoral research, or taking part in an undergraduate or graduate-level academic mobility program, to participate in the 2015 Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students.
From 15 May this year, the Künstlerhaus Lukas again invites artists working in the range of fine arts (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, artistic book, video, arts and crafts/design), literature (narrative literature, lyrics, drama, screenplay, essay, literary translations), dance (choreography, performance) and music (composition) to apply for a residence scholarship.
The Chronicle of the Horse offers an editorial internship for people interested in horses and journalism.
Our internship gives interns a real feel for publishing. The job description varies little from the actual duties of the editorial staff. We work with the intern, offering personal attention and a level of responsibility fitted to the individual. Successful candidates arrive at the Chronicle ready to hit the ground running thanks to strong writing skills, familiarity with our products and in-depth sport horse knowledge. We are proud of our program. The Chronicle offers a chance to grow.
In the vast universe, we were born on this planet called Earth, where various cultures and ethnicities, all living things, and all of nature exist together. However, in our world today, we face numerous problems–environmental destruction, resource depletion, wars and conflicts, poverty, and many more–that make our future uncertain. Given this situation, what do you think is the best way forward for humanity? How do you wish to fulfill your role as a citizen of Earth? Maximum age 25.
The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic advertises scholarships for accredited study programs at public universities for the academic year 2014/2015. These scholarships are designed for applicants meeting required general criteria and criteria related to selected type of study stay.
Hello and Welcome to Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest! This poetry contest and writing contest is open to everyone and international.  We are excited about showcasing the creative writing and poetic talent, skill and ability of all poets and writers.  We hope that you have inspiration to display the beauty and art of writing short stories and poems for the entire world to see your “gift of a dream.”
Welcome to the International Student Film Festival Hollywood. We are currently accepting film submissions for our 12th annual festival. The world is divided by politics, ideology and culture. Through the common language of the film arts, we bridge the separations and share our common humanity. We share a global community with all who bring artistic vision to life in film. This is the vision that drives our work. Our sole mission is to bring together the best student filmmakers in the world to celebrate their creativity and love of film.
To study in Denmark as an exchange student you must already be enrolled at a higher education institution in your country of residence. Generally, exchange students come to Denmark through the Erasmus programme or other programmes offered by governmental bilateral agreement.
Reason’s Young Journalist Fellowship is an opportunity for early and mid-career and aspiring journalists to develop their skills and gain experience while exploring the ideas of free minds and free markets through the premier outlet for liberty-focused journalism. (JUST GERMANS)
Es gibt viele Wege in den Journalismus. Damit der Einstieg ins Berufsleben gelingt, sollte man zuvor praktische Erfahrungen gesammelt und dabei das notwendige Handwerkszeug gelernt haben. Dies gilt besonders für eine angestrebte Tätigkeit in der Wissenschafts- oder Auslandsberichterstattung. Wer sich für einen der beiden Bereiche interessiert und eine Aus- oder Fortbildung plant, kann sich für dieses Stipendienprogramm bewerben.
Europa Media is always interested in talented young professionals with a passion and inclination for learning more about EC project development and management issues. (For the gap year)
The au pair program is a combination of work and study, giving the opportunity to young people 18 to 26 years to live and study in the US.
Since 1938 more than 1,400 journalists from 92 countries and territories have come to Harvard for a year of learning, exploration and fellowship. Nieman Fellowships are awarded to print, broadcast and online reporters, editors, photographers, producers, columnists, filmmakers and cartoonists with at least five years of full-time, professional experience in the news media. Other professionals interested in researching projects designed to advance  journalism may be eligible for short-term Visiting Fellowships.
Traineeships for university graduates are intended to enable trainees to supplement the knowledge which they acquired during their studies and to familiarise themselves with the activities of the European Union and, in particular, the European Parliament.

These traineeships cover:

  • Robert Schuman scholarships, general option
  • Robert Schuman scholarships, journalism option.
Each year, 10 to 15 fellowships are awarded to journalists from Eastern and Western Europe and the United States who want to spend two semesters engaging in research in Berlin. Since 1999, the program of the European Journalism-Fellowships (EJF) at the International Center for Journalism of the Freie Universitaet Berlin has become established as an important institution for journalists at the European level.

The prize is aimed at encouraging European integration. Awards come into question for those contributions which help overcome borders and prejudices, deal with the future of Central Europe or the Europe of the regions, minority issues or dialogue with neighbours. According to the organisers, journalists from non-EU countries such as Ukraine, Belarus or Russia are also invited to participate. The prize is awarded with 5.000.- Euro.
The Internship Running Brand will be the only other dedicated role to Running in the Geography. Working with the Brand Director, this position will provide a full overview and experience on how Nike launches product innovation around the world. With a sharp focus on the consumer and serving their needs through innovation, inspiration and enablement this position will collaborate with the brand functions located at the European Headquarters (digital, PR, brand communications, media) as well as the brand teams located in territories (7) across our geography.


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