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Done. Unfortunately, the AC has already been over for a week and everyone is back in their daily student and work life. Despite that, the time we had was great, so many new faces and so many lovely known faces made the Annual Congress 2014 in Cologne to a remarkable event.

Five days of very interesting lectures and outstanding workshops pressed in a very tough schedule. German correctness and order were present in Cologne which pushed the participants to their limits, in a good way.

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Lectures followed by panel discussions and conversations between the lecturer and the audience gave the educational part of the AC a summed up touch. Sometimes a bit more time would be needed to get into a deep conversation, but as mostly it is not easy to plan everything in that detail.

Besides the educational side of FEJS the social aspect is a very important part of our network. Breakfast, lunch or dinner together is one part, as well as workshops to mix all our participants due to their interest. To round it up, the last evening is always dedicated to our Solidarity Fund Auction.

The Solidarity Fund Auction is a very important part of our meeting. Every country delegation should bring a package of local drinks and dishes, spices or tea and coffee. At the last evening we auction all packages. The money will be used to fill our Solidarity Fund. With the fund we help participants to be able to come to our events. With a maximum of 70 percent covering of the conference or assembly and transportation costs we do our part in spreading the culture of FEJS. We are a family.

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We found our balance between a professional approach with lectures from well known media workers and the flair of a young organisation, which found their smart way of going along and with society but with a critical thinking. If you are interested in taking part at any FEJS event, apply for the General Assembly in autumn 2014 up there in Finland. Keep in touch and write to our SEC or the EB if you need any more information. Contacts are given in the “about” section.

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See you in autumn 2014




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  1. I just have to use this opportunity here as an ex-Secretariat member who attended her first Congress without a function and finally able to lay back and observe others do all the work – hands down and fair play to all of ye! The OC, the new Dutch Secretariat, ye all made everything run smoothly and seemingly without a glitch and I for one know how hard that is. And the EB! You make me proud, I’m glad we voted for the five of ye, it couldn’t be a better team, full of new spirit, zeal and ideas! I foresee even greater things for FEJS in the future, because it’s getting bigger and better every time, especially since this year’s AC in Köln. Can’t wait for our creative minds to gather together again in Vaasa! And I feel like we’re going to bring TFMs back now, it’s about time, too. See ye all sooner rather than later!

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