AC 2014 Outcome: Photojournalism

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Photoreportage by Fotini Christi

The outcome of the AC 2014 in photojournalism is presented below:

Photoreportage by Fotini Christi

Photoreportage by Fotini Christi

Our workshop leaders: – Website of the cooperative – Chris Grodotzki – Gustav Pursche – Ruben Neugebauer

The results of our workshop here:

And don’t forget:
1. Red line/Storyline: Is there a clear storyline through the photos
2. Rhythm: Change from Details to wide photos and vise versa
3. Say the story till the end: Like in a good article you have to find a good end that is visually provided
4. First/End Photo: Think about the photos before to be clear with what to start and end, sure it can change while the process, but have a secure version in the backhand.

Useful Links and Photo Stories:

The Danger of a Single Story 

Iran: Generation Post-Revolution

Emerge Mag

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