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We are happy to invite you to the annual General Assembly of FEJS, which will be
held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from the 7th to the 11th of November 2013.

This year, our mission is to elect a new Secretariat and a new Executive Board – if
anyone is already interested in running for any of these positions, do not hesitate and
write to our beloved Secretariat. During the assembly we will also talk about our
website, FEJS organization, satellite activities and future events.

We are again working together with Café Babel – you will get more information about
our collaboration in your Acceptance letter. As mandatory assignments are not
predicted for General Assemblies, you will still get a chance to write a freewill article,
which might be published on Café Babel official website.
We can also promise you an interesting trip, which will show you some natural
beauties of our country, sightseeing around Ljubljana, our annual auction and a great
deal of fun.

The application process will be proceeded via this link:

General Assembly in Ljubljana // Application Form

The deadline for your application is 25th of September – after that your
applications will not be considered valid. You will receive a notification of your
acceptance by the 1st of October 2013.

As there are only 50 places available, please take into consideration, that your
acceptance will be based on your attendance of previous events and on the number
of other applicants from your country. In case of too many applicants, the ones that
applied earlier will be accepted first.

The participation fee, which covers food and lodging, will be 120 euros, an advance
payment of 40 euros will have to be transacted until the 10th of October – more
information will be given in your Acceptance letter.

You also have the chance to get some extra funding from our Solidarity Fund – if
you wish to do that, please contact our current Secretariat at
The deadline for applying for the Solidarity Fund is the same as the deadline for your
GA application – 25th of September. Any further questions can be sent to our
Secretariat or the Slovenian Organizing Comittee at

We are excited to see you in Ljubljana !

Lep pozdrav,

FEJS Slovenia Organizing Comittee


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