With its activities the Forum wishes to promote any means of discussion or exchange of ideas concerning journalism between organizations and individuals from Europe. Its purpose is to be a privileged arena in the exchange of information concerning the teaching and practice of journalism in Europe.
FEJS stands for diversity. Throughout the years the organization has leaned over a huge variety of issues concerning journalism activity: Journalism and minorities; Manipulation of and by Media; Professions in Journalism; Journalism and Environment; Communication relations between Europe and developing countries; Journalism and War and those are just a few examples of what issues concern the FEJS.
The FEJS represents the merging of the various systems of teaching and learning journalism around Europe.
The FEJS members are mainly students of journalism and media science courses from all over Europe. Young journalists that have been engaged in the organization’s activities while  students are also a big part of the FEJS. Anyone who is interested in the field and has a legitimate drive is also welcome.
The Forum started in 1986 with the initiative of a group of Dutch and Danish students who wanted to exchange different experiences and thoughts on journalism and has grown larger and larger ever since.
Nowadays the FEJS has regular participations from over 300 schools all over the continent and has taken in hand the process of the professionalization of its official bodies. The current priorities of the organization are to create means of self-management within countries and to develop partnerships with other international organizations.