Evens Foundation is the main investor of FEJS, guaranteeing an international diversity for our guest speakers. The Evens Foundation is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium and with offices in Paris and Warsaw. The Foundation initiates and supports sustainable projects, and awards biennial prizes, that contribute to the progress and strengthening of Europe based on cultural and social diversity, in the fields of media, peace education and European citizenship.

Cafébabel – The first multilingual European online magazine, cafebabel.com gives the floor to the ‘eurogeneration’. Join our teams of citizen journalists – we’re dotted across Europe, from Brussels to Vilnius via Seville and Athens, with the headquarter in Paris

The European Youth Press (EYP) is a network of young media makers with 26 member organisations, gathering 60,000+ young journalists. EYP strives to promote the role of youth media and the freedom of press in Europe and beyond. EYP manages projects and events such as the European Youth Media Days, organises seminars and represents young journalists in Europe, publishes Orange Magazine and much more.

Do you have a great idea for a cross-border journalism story, but not the money to do it? Journalismfund.eu helps journalists carry out cross-border investigative journalism projects by providing working grants, advice and networking opportunities. The next deadline is planned for Monday 15 September 2014. Find more information here.

EJTA or the European Journalism Training Association was established in Brussels in 1990. It groups about 60 journalism centers, schools and universities from 24 countries across Europe. They work together to improve journalism education in Europe, enabling members to collaborate on exchanges and teaching and research projects, and meet regularly to exchange ideas and information. The most important aim of the Association is to stimulate European co-operation in journalism education and mid-career training between non-profit training centers, and to develop a professional approach towards journalism training.